Exciting times ahead at Quarry Bank…

With the Quarry Bank Project entering its second year, we are all set for a very exciting 2016.

The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse restoration is already underway and when the garden opens again on Saturday 13 February you can see for yourselves how things are coming along.  Throughout the spring and summer you will be able to see the glasshouse reappearing and even watch the glaziers at work.

The glasshouse today
The glasshouse as it was before restoration work began

We’re all looking forward to seeing this magnificent building brought back to life and there are some interesting stories coming from the restoration process, more on this in the next blog.

Unearthing a clockwork garden

We have some fantastic new exhibitions and events taking place this year.  First up in February, is the Unearthed exhibition.  The stories of Quarry Bank’s gardens are entwined with those who created and cared for them, in the Unearthed exhibition, discover how ten lives, past and present, have influenced the gardens and how over the last 200 years they have grown, evolved, declined and are now entering an exciting new phase.

The exhibition will feature original tools and documents from the archive, along with oral histories, interactive elements and garden themed installations.

Robert Hyde Greg, former owner of Quarry Bank, will feature in Unearthed

All the people in the exhibition have a special connection to the gardens and an interesting story to tell, but I think my favourites so far, from what I have been able to see a sneak preview of, are Maurice and Cyril.

Maurice and Cyril worked at Quarry Bank in the 1930’s when they were young men and Maurice is an Earlam.  Those familiar with Styal will recognise that name as the wonderful village shop is called Earlams and it’s no coincidence.  His parents opened the shop and ran it from 1914-1946, so are of course the Earlams in question.

I can’t give too much more away but suffice it to say, the archive team thoroughly enjoyed interviewing them and came back with some brilliant memories and anecdotes for the exhibition.

Unearthed will be at Quarry Bank from 13 February – 17 April.

©National Trust ImagesArnhel de Serra.jpg
The gardens will be the focus of our exhibitions in 2016

Even more excitingly, I can announce that in the spring and summer, we will be working with nationally renowned children’s arts charity The House of Fairy Tales with ‘The Clockwork Garden’.  They will be bringing their unique brand of storytelling and imagination to help you experience the Quarry Bank gardens as you never have before.  We can’t wait to see what they produce, their work is always quirky, imaginative and lots of fun for families.  We have a feeling it will be like nothing we have ever done here before.

The Clockwork Garden will be at Quarry Bank from 30 April – 11 September and you can join The House of Fairy Tales at Quarry Bank from 30 April – 2 May at our fantastic and fun launch event.

There are a host of other events and activities for you to enjoy at Quarry Bank in 2016. We’re hoping that you’ll want to come back again and again to experience something new and watch as the glasshouse reappears bit by bit.  To see our programme of events and to find our opening times and information please visit the Quarry Bank website.



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