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This week Emma brings us another update on the Quarry Bank Project. 

I love working on the Quarry Bank Project; the project is so multi-faceted and it will have an impact in so many ways. In previous blog posts I have talked about the capital works, our plans for the upper garden and the glasshouse. I think that it is high time that I told you about all the activities that have been happening over the past couple of months, thanks to the project.

“This project is more than restoring the physical landscape, it is about people…the people who once lived and worked here and the people who enjoy Quarry Bank today…you”

Supporting the local community

Rachel, our Volunteering and Community Involvement Manager along with the learning team, has been working hard to develop programmes, partnerships and a range of activities to support the local community, as I write this our team are packing kite making kits and other bits and bobs to take to the Wythenshawe Games for a weekend of family fun.

Rachel and Adam Thomas
Rachel and Adam at Wythenshawe Garden City 2014

Over the last 3-4 months we have completed our first pilot working intensively with a primary school in Wythenshawe, Crossacres Primary. This pilot has involved both outreach sessions at the school and we have hosted workshops at Quarry Bank. Every child in the school, that’s 360 of them, has been involved in one session, and many in several. Our workshops have covered a whole range of subjects including plants, rivers, land use, forces, as well as the history of this important place.

As a little extra, all pupils were given free passes to bring their family for a visit to Quarry Bank so we hope to see lots of them here to enjoy the summer holidays. I am happy to report that feedback has been glowing from both pupils and staff and we will now replicate this model of working with several other schools, as well as developing and expanding our existing learning programme.

 Discovery Day

In June we held our first Discovery Day at Quarry Bank – a free entry day designed to give everyone an opportunity to enjoy this special place. Our team put on new activities and events on the day to show what you can expect when you visit Quarry Bank. We even put on some free buses from Wythenshawe to Quarry Bank to make it trouble-free to get here. In total 822 people visited, if you were one of them, we hope that you enjoyed your day with us.

Ashley Deane, our Academy Ranger making mud pies during the Discovery Day

There will be two such free days delivered in each year of the project. Quarry Bank will be hosting a free Heritage Open Day on Saturday 12th September, why don’t you come and join us.

Manchester Airport Attendance Scheme Day

The Manchester Airport Attendance Scheme is a fantastic program that works with schools in Wythenshawe to encourage high attendance.  Children who go the whole term without an absence receive a certificate, and those with 100% attendance for the year receive a day out. This year, their day out was at Quarry Bank. The children had lots of fun playing games on the meadow and participating in craft activities in the mill.

Children enjoying their day trip to Quarry Bank on the Manchester Airport Attendance Scheme Day

We can’t wait to have them all back in 2016.


Quarry Bank is very fortunate to have almost 400 volunteers who love this special place and want to join in, whether it is working in the archive, helping out in the power gallery or welcoming you as you enter the mill. With the Quarry Bank Project, we will develop even more ways for you to get involved with the creation of 21 new roles over the next four years and the addition of options for corporate volunteering, drop-in volunteering and family volunteering. For more information on volunteering with us, take a look at

There are many other ways that the project will enhance your experience of Quarry Bank. I look forward to revealing more in my next post.



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  1. Fantastic!! Love the depth and variety of involvement with local schools. And the project as a whole is soooo exciting!!

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