A Taste of History


Would you like to try some hundred year old ice-cream?

If your first thought was, surely it would have melted by now…you are right.  The ice cream in question is based on a recipe dating to the late 1800s or early 1900s.

Elizabeth Mary Greg, better known as Bessie was an interesting woman.  The great granddaughter of Quarry Bank founder, Samuel Greg, she traveled the world (more to come on this in a future blog) and was a keen amateur photographer.  In addition to this, she kept a collection of recipes which are part of the Quarry Bank Archive today.

Picture of Elizabeth Mary (Bessie) Greg
Elizabeth Mary (Bessie) Greg

We do not know whether the recipes were passed down through the family, if she copied them off other cooks or came up with them herself.  While wealthy enough to have a cook, we believe that, whether created by her or not, Bessie probably would have been in the kitchen when these dishes were tried out.

When our Catering Manager Matt Ferguson was seeking inspiration, he found Bessie’s collection and in particular was taken with some of the pudding recipes.

Original handwritten recipe
Burnt cream recipe

Whilst ‘burnt cream’ might not sound like the most appealing flavour, on closer inspection, Bessie’s recipe which includes milk, cinnamon, brown sugar, a pinch of flour and eggs, begins to sound more promising.  The final flourish, sprinkling with brown sugar and burning it with a red hot salamander (a flat piece of heavy wrought-iron melted on a handle), would have deliciously caramalised the top.

Modern tastes however, may need something more, so Matt turned to another recipe, which featured an orange flavour.

original hand written orange pudding recipe
Orange pudding recipe

With breadcrumbs, sugar, oranges, gelatine and milk, this pudding was first steamed and then set in a mould, creating a soft, sweet dish.

Cheshire based ice cream experts Snugburys, were excited about the challenge to create a flavour which honored this recipe.  Cleo Sadler, who formulated the new ice cream, said she found it a nice change to switch from the latest trends and instead go back in time for inspiration.

So here it is, our delicious new option, an orange, chocolate and toasted crumb ice cream, which will be available while stocks last this summer at Quarry Bank.  I have tried some and can personally recommend it.  Soft and creamy, the orange flavouring is delicate and the toasted crumb adds a lovely texture.  Perfect refreshment on a hot sunny day or a good pick me up for a rainy one.

Quarry Bank staff enjoy tasting the new ice cream
Enjoying the new ice cream

Get some before the staff and volunteers eat it all!


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  1. I need these puddings and this ice cream in my life

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