Quarry Bank has won the Lottery

Hello everyone, my name is Emma and I am the project coordinator for the Quarry Bank Project. Over the next few years I will be joining the blogging team to relay all the wonderful things happening with the Quarry Bank Project.

As you may be aware, back in January, Quarry Bank was awarded a £3.9million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Of course we were ecstatic and it has taken some time to bring us down from cloud 9.


Members of the project team with the Heritage Lottery Fund bid back in October 2014
Members of the project team with the Heritage Lottery Fund bid back in October 2014

I expect that you are all thinking why has Quarry Bank been given such a generous amount of money?

In 2006, the National Trust acquired Quarry Bank House, home to Samuel Greg and his family. Again, in 2010, we were able to bring the Upper Garden, glasshouse and Gardener’s Cottage back into the fold.

By acquiring these missing parts of the estate, we now have the opportunity to bring the whole site to life and tell the complete story of the Industrial Revolution. We will be providing access, to parts of the estate never before seen by the public, including Quarry Bank House and a Worker’s Cottage.

Opportunities to visit Quarry Bank House
Opportunities to visit Quarry Bank House

We will be restoring long lost historic pathways through the Northern Woods, restoring the 1830s derelict glasshouse and creating better orientation and access across the site with new footpaths and a new welcome building. That’s not all; we will be refreshing the mill and inserting an external lift that will provide access for all to all five levels of the mill. Don’t worry Quarry Bank will be open throughout this work and you be able to watch as we transform the site.


The 1830s derelict glasshouse will be restored
The 1830s derelict glasshouse will be restored

This project is more than restoring the physical landscape, it is about people, the people who once lived and worked here and the people who enjoy Quarry Bank today…you.

We will research, catalogue, digitise and properly store the archive and use the stories to create new exhibitions both here and online, for you to enjoy. We will create exciting and innovative exhibitions and events that will make you want to return again and again.

The project also aims to engage with the community in ways that we never have before. We will be working with Primary schools to support their curriculum and getting young children to engage with their local heritage.

We will be working with training bodies and higher education to provide opportunities for people to learn new skills in catering, hospitality and cultural heritage. We will also be attending local events to keep you up-to-date with all the goings on at Quarry Bank.

Wilmslow Show
Setting up for the Wilmslow Show 2014

With the expansion of things to see and do at Quarry Bank, we will need more of your fantastic support. We have hundreds of volunteers who are very excited and enthusiastic about our ambitious plans, why not join them?

Over the course of the project, we will be developing 21 new roles in addition to the current volunteering offer. So there will be something for everyone to get involved with.

Are you excited yet? Like us, we want everything to happen now so you can experience all these fascinating benefits; however, this project will take four years to complete, so bear with us as we begin the work. Don’t worry though; I will be here to provide updates on our progress.

In my next post, I will reveal what will be happening over the next 12 months and beyond.

One more thing, the Heritage Lottery Fund gave us a generous £3.9million but the overall cost of the project is £9.45million. For our dreams to be realised we need to raise £1.9million through a public appeal. We are half way to reaching this total, please help us with the final push. Do visit the website to see how you can help us.

Thank you!

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