Heroes of Adventure – what our visitors think

Our exhibition Heroes of Adventure has been on display for a few months now, if you still haven’t seen it, here are some kind comments from our visitors about the exhibition, who will hopefully persuade you to come and visit…

“It shows how brave and selfless people were. It proves that we must learn from our history to try and stop yesterday’s pains from becoming todays’ and tomorrow’s!”

“How can we put into words just how much we are indebted to these meant and how brave they were. The exhibition portrays all that the war entailed in the very essence of those from Quarry Bank. Very good, thank you.”

“These men and women went to fight to help us, and some of us don’t think it’s a big deal but to my eyes these people saved me and if I had met them I would thank them for their bravery. Ben aged 13.”

Men over the top night

“The exhibition is pitched perfectly. By being at a personal level you can revisit historical details you know and can get something new from there. The display is poignant and meaningful and allowed me to explore the ideas and events of WW1 with my 7 year old son. Thank You.”

“Very moving and humbling to read of the family and their sacrifices in the Great War”

“Enjoyed this immensely! Interesting to hear about the men who gave their lives for us in the context of their home and family. Makes it all real as it indeed was.”

“What a moving glimpse of the FWW through one family’s courageous experiences. I was so astonished by the quality and detail in Madge’s diary, what a fantastic use of turning her experiences good and bad into something positive.”

“Wonderful exhibition of true stories about the Greg family. Very informative and compassionate.”

“This is a very moving account of the involvement of a family; the loss of 2 of 3 sons touched me deeply, and I feel that the whole account showed great sensitivity.”

Heroes of Adventure is on display until Sunday 16 November.


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