The Mill – Series 2 – best behind the scenes photos

Back at the end of April, Darlow Smithson were in their final week of filming the second series of The Mill, and I took it upon myself to loiter around the set taking photo after photo after photo. In the end I had around 300 pictures and one slightly irked producer after I accidentally wandered in front of a camera before they were due to start filming, leading him to jokingly say “Laura, if you’re planning on being in this shot then I think we need to get you to wardrobe and make-up…”.  Sadly, he took my positive response as joke. Of course it was all for you lot and fans of series, and so I hope you think my loitering was worth it…

The ‘apprentices’ head down the hill to start their day of filming
A practice run for the scene where John Howlett breaks the line. Ciaran Griffiths (plays Matthew Boon) is clearly enthralled…


A few extra touches of bruising for Matthew McNulty
The rest of the extras are brought in
John Howlett (Mark Frost) in his Special Constable costume and his sons (Ewan Philips and Joshua Isherwood) on standby
“Cross this line and be a knobstick forever.”
Sope Dirisu (Peter) and Ewan Philips (Timothy Howlett) deep in conversation, as visitors wander through to the cafe!
Seems Esther (Kerrie Hayes) is still not happy with John Howlett (Mark Frost) as Lucy (Katherine Rose Morley) looks on
Dirty looks are thrown Peter’s way by John
The 19th century saw some real leaps and bounds in technology…
Something James Windell (Justin Salinger) has said has really tickled Master William (Andrew Lee Potts)
Kerrie Hayes (Esther) has a quick break in between scenes
Mark Frost spotted me and my frantic photo taking and kindly smiled for the camera. Behind, Andrew Lee Potts and Justin Salinger share a joke with Jenny from the costume department
Even after the fifth time of having to walk up the hill, the actors were still giving it their all with their singing
James Windell (Justin Salinger) and John Howlett (Mark Frost) look remarkably relaxed for two men about to watch their striking workers re-enter the Mill


“Toil, brother, toil!”
This was fantastic to watch – all I could see was the gun slowly emerge from the kitchen door of the Apprentice House as Peter (Sope Dirisu) backed away
Will Lucy (Katherine Rose Morley) get her man in series 3?
The ‘knobsticks’ arrive to take on the strikers
George Windell (Morgan Watkins) doesn’t seem phased about the carnage about to unfold
I’m not too sure about Kerrie Hayes’ headgear, but I suspect it was something to do with protecting her wig. Mark Strepan (Will Whittaker) practising his best catwalk poses…
Lots of grumbling and shouting came from the group to get into the mood before confronting the strikers (that’s Quarry Bank House – home to the Greg family in the background)
“Do you think we’ll stand by and watch you steal our jobs?”
Er, well it seems Daniel (Matthew McNulty) is actually “sitting by” in this photo, while Esther (Kerrie Hayes) sinks her teeth into a poor extra
A quick reset of the scene – once again Mark Frost (John Howlett) spots me snapping away, while Mark Strepan (Will Whittaker) has his hair professionally dishevelled by the make-up department. Kerrie Hayes is still practising her bite scene.
Ahhh see they’re great friends really (Mark Frost and Mark Strepan)
This time John Howlett joins Daniel Bate for a little lie down – it’s all got a bit much…
Will Whittaker (Mark Strepan) shows a ‘knobstick’ what’s what in this action shot


Well that’s it for another series! Fingers crossed for Series 3 – has everyone enjoyed Series 2?



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  1. BarryChambers says:

    They have to make series 3 the story is nowhere near finished yet

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