The Mill Series 2 – interviews with Kerrie Hayes, Andrew Lee Potts and Matthew McNulty

Have you been enjoying The Mill on Channel 4? Who’s your favourite character at the moment? Whilst they were filming here at Quarry Bank, the National Trust managed to grab some one-on-one time with some of the cast and find out what their thoughts were on their characters and on Series 2.

Warning – the videos contain a few shots of filming from upcoming episodes.

Kerrie Hayes was nominated for BAFTA earlier this year for her performance as Esther Price in Series 1.


Andrew Lee Potts is a Series 2 newcomer and portrays William Greg, who is now running the Mill. You can read more about the real William here:


Matthew McNulty returns as Daniel Bate, Union leader at Quarry Bank and now Chief Engineer at the Mill.


Let me know what you think of The Mill so far in the comments, and ask any burning history questions!


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  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks to your blogs and the background history given to both the fictional storylines and real people behind the names taken from the archive, I can now watch it more as a fictional series and less as a true historical piece.

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