The Mill Series 2 Press Pack from Channel 4

Yesterday, Channel 4 released their press pack for Series 2 of The Mill.

It’s absolutely jam packed full of information about the second series, as well as loads of information about the fact behind the fiction that we here at Quarry Bank supplied them with, and even the article first featured here on the blog about ‘The Real Esther Price‘, which was researched and written by one of our volunteers – Keith Robinson.

Holly Lucas (Susannah Bate), Matthew McNulty (Daniel Bate), Sope Dirisu (Peter), Katherine Rose Morley (Lucy Garner), Kerrie Hayes (Esther Price), Sacha Parkinson (Miriam Catterall) on the set of The Mill Series 2

You can check it out here: but be warned – there are a few spoilers!

Who’s looking forward to Series 2? Don’t forget to follow the blog, Twitter and our Facebook page for behind the scenes information and photos as well as articles about the history that inspired the show.


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