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One of the things I love about writing this blog is seeing all the places it has been viewed across the globe, by my last count, it has been viewed in 98 countries!

Blog mapWhat I would really love, is if all you lovely people who follow the blog and our news at Quarry Bank would comment below and let me know from which part of the world you’re reading this post, and what brought you to the blog, and our slice of industrial history in the first place. Maybe you’re a descendant of one of the Gregs or the workers? I’d love to hear from you all!



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  1. Ann Katherine Kessler Betts (nee Smith) says:

    I live in Florida,USA. Have lived in the states for almost 50 years. I am a direct descendent of the Greg family through my mother Mary, her father, my grandfather, was Hugh Stewart Greg. I knew Madge Greg Morley quite well when I was a child. I have 8 grandchildren here in the States and one great grandchild so far!

    1. Hi Ann, That’s brilliant, so you’re descended from John Greg (Hannah and Samuel’s 4th son)! Would you mind if I passed on your details to Ally our archivist? We’d love to hear your stories of Madge. Did you know her sister Helen Greg too?


  2. Stanley Riley says:

    I live in Altrincham, not far from Quarry Bank. My ancestor Robert Pye worked in the machine department at the mill. He was baptising his children in Wilmslow from 1800-1810. He was a watch and clock maker from Prescot near Liverpool. Presumably he was tempted by higher wages on offer. Regards, Stanley Riley.

    1. Hi Stanley,

      Thanks for sharing, do you know if he lived in Styal or what machines he worked on in the Mill – was he an engineer then?


  3. Sandra Bull says:

    Hello, I live in Belper, Derbyshire and I first got interested in Quarry Bank Mill when I discovered that several of my ancestors worked in the Mill and one was even born there. My Sister and I visited the Mill about 2 years ago and have also watched The Mill Series 1, which was very enjoyable.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Hi Sandra,

      What were their second names? Do you know how long they lived in Styal?

      Hopefully you’ll be able to come and visit us soon!


      1. Sandra Bull says:

        Hello Laura,

        The family surname was GARSIDE.

        Edwin, my Gt Gt Grandfather was born 6 MAR 1831 in Styal, Wilmslow. His sister Hannah Mary was born at Quarry Bank 28 OCT 1832 (according to 1851 census). Their was an older sister Harriet who was born 26 OCT 1828.

        Their father, (my Gt Gt Gt Grandfather) William was born in Cheshire in 1806. By 1841 census the family had moved to work at Bollington Mill. William was a Cotton Spinner in 1840 and on his death certificate in 1846 it said he was a Spinning Overlooker.

        So the family would have lived in Styal from at least OCT 1828 until at least OCT 1832.

        The next child to be born was Elizabeth 19 APR 1835 in Bollington.

        Thanks, Sandra

      2. Hi Sandra,

        Thanks for all this information, it’s so much easier for us to research the Gregs as we have so many of their letters, documents, photos etc as they were donated by Alec Greg, but when it comes to the workers we have barely any information about each individual worker, and so information like this is invaluable to us!



  4. Mary says:

    I came to the website after watching The Mill on tv. I live in Surrey now, but I visited Quarry Mill as a schoolgirl from Staffordshire about 30 years ago. I’m keeping an eye out for series 2!

    1. Hi Mary,

      Hopefully you’ll be able to come and visit us again soon.

      Series 2 is due to come out at the end of July!


  5. Val says:

    Hi Laura I am Val and live in Derbyshire. I came to the website after discovering a portfolio of watercolours my late father bought in the 1950’s, had been painted by Caroline Greg, daughter of Robert Hyde Greg. There are many interesting places depicted including a house owned by the musician Sting in Wiltshire, Balmoral (a copy of which I sent to The Prince of Wales) and others where family members lived. I have visited several of the houses to see if the buildings have changed. Park House in Snitterfield, Warwickshire owned by Mark Philips, (Robert Hyde Greg’s brother in law) which had been one house is now divided into a number of very attractive 4 bed-roomed properties. It’s great fun finding out where all these places are. I loved the photograph of Caroline you posted. Sadly she died so young but left a real legacy in her paintings, many of which you have in the archives.

    1. Hi Val,

      Glad to hear the paintings are with someone who takes an interest in the Greg family. We do indeed have several of the watercolours, and many are still owned by the family. Next year we are hoping to put together an exhibition exploring the artistic talents of Caroline’s great-great-niece, and we hope you’ll be able to come along.


  6. Michael Lee says:

    Hi,,my Venables family have a long history at the mill.Your archive has a letter written to Mrs Greg by my gt gt gt grandmother Hannah Mary Venables.One of the machine shops was named after the Venables family. And I believe there was a reunion of Venables descendants in the eighties. Wish there was another one !! 🙂 Cheers Mike from Chadderton,Oldham.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Lovely to hear from you! The Venables are a very well known family to us at Quarry Bank, and actually were recently featured in our exhibition Style at Styal – when was the last time you visited Quarry Bank?


  7. katrina pitchford says:

    Hi Laura, I’m currently reading from Dublin, Ireland but I’m originally from The Lake District, Ullswater 🙂 I think your blog is fantastic, even without the tv series it would be an interesting read. What got me interested in history was that I grew up in a hotel and there were always old pictures around so I was always intrigued with a different era. Then as I got a little older I learnt stories about my ancestors who worked in the local mines and others who were staff at big stately homes in the area. The mills I was always a bit more curious about as we passed through Preston to Blackpool on the train for our family holiday each year but I never got a chance to find out much until I was a little older and bought books on the subject. I remember passing certain buildings and asking about them but never getting more information than “Oh they’re mills”. I do remember the first place that really brought history to life for me though, we had a school trip to Beamish and I thought it was fabulous. Now I know about you guys I would love to visit Quarry Bank eventually, so hopefully one day I will get to!

  8. Sue Robilliard says:

    I first visited Quarry Bank in 2013. My aunt lives in Stalybridge, and I was visiting from Australia. She knew of my desire to see a working mill so she took me to Quarry Bank. I’ve just come back very recently from UK, and another visit to Quarry Bank, this time with my daughter, who shares my fascination for mills, canals, barges, everything to do with cotton manufacturing. We were time poor, otherwise we would’ve spent several days visiting and exploring. But it is an experience that will stay with us forever. And for that, we thank you.

    1. Hello Sue. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, it’s wonderful to hear that you had such a moving experience with us. I hope that you’ll spare the time for another visit next time you’re in the UK.

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