Voices of the Past

For the past few months, our Oral History Intern, Sarah, has been busy cataloging our oral histories, and has uncovered some fascinating stories. Sarah has selected a few of her favourite clips which we’ve uploaded to the website for you to listen to.

The children of Styal have some tales to tell in their old age
The children of Styal have some tales to tell in their old age

Quarry Bank Mill has an incredible archive of oral history recordings, dating back as far as a maid born in 1882. They reflect the monotony of work at the mill, which is hardly ever seen as worth mentioning by the workers, but also the close knit community found in the village of Styal. The interviewees share fascinating stories about village characters, workers’ relationships with the Greg family, and the ways that the villagers found to have fun.”

The recordings come from people who either directly remember events, or are the descendants of those with incredible tales to tell.

You can listen to the recordings on our brand new oral history page,  and we will be updating them every couple of months, so keep checking back!


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  1. Sandra Bull says:

    Voices of the past. Really brilliant! Thankyou for posting them – there is nothing better than people telling us how the past really was. What a pleasure to listen to them!

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