Help us to bring Quarry Bank to life

I’m just about to head off into to the archive to take a look at this Robert Hyde Greg document I promised you earlier on in the week, but for now I thought I’d give you a gentle reminder about our appeal, and why we still need your help…


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  1. Rev Joseph Donlan says:

    I worked as a student at the mill from 1954 to 1962 and worked with Alf Bailey and Sam Henshall,who, with Col Gregg went to the 14/18 war. Is there anything about these three and how they came back to Styal after the war to resume their places,Sam at Apprentice house and Alf as groundsman etc at the mill.?

    1. Hi Joseph, thank you for your enquiry, so far in our research we haven’t come across any material relating to Alf and Sam in WW1, but I’ll share this information with Ally, our Collections and Archives Officer and we’ll look into it.


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