‘Heroes of Adventure’ an upcoming exhibition

It was around this time last year that I first learned of Arthur Tylston Greg and his younger brother Robert Philips Greg and the sacrifices they made in the First World War.

Next year marks the centenary of the First World War and many National Trust properties are organising commemorative exhibitions, Quarry Bank included.

Captain Arthur Tylston Greg was shot down in 1917 in World War One, his father owned Quarry Bank Mill a National Trust property
Arthur Tylston Greg in 1917

Myself, Ally and Jennifer have spent the last few months researching Quarry Bank in the First World War to create our exhibition; ‘Heroes of Adventure’. It has been an emotional experience for us, delving into the experiences of not just Arthur and Robert, but of Arthur’s fiancée Marian Allen, and their elder sister Margaret, a V.A.D nurse who served in dressing stations and hospitals across France throughout the War.

Robert Philips Greg
Robert Philips Greg

Our research has also led us through Styal Village to the War Memorial, and into the weaving sheds of the Mill, to cousins Edward Cooper and Alfred Sprowson. Edward was an  overlooker who was called up early on in the War, and his Northrop looms were left in silence for five years.

Edward Cooper
Edward Cooper

Two weeks after the armistice in 1918 Quarry Bank was writing to various government departments, begging for Edward to be discharged from service so he could return to his looms.

This is all we know so far of Edward and Alfred’s story, and the experiences of the men remembered by Styal War Memorial in the First World War. We need your help to bring these men and their memories back to life for the exhibition.

If any of your ancestors lived in Styal, or worked in the Mill during the First World War, or were one of the men whose names sadly adorn the memorial, we would like to hear from you.

Please get in touch if you have stories, photographs or even objects that you would consider loaning to us for the purpose of the exhibition. Email quarrybankmill@nationaltrust.org.uk with the heading ‘Heroes of Adventure’ if you can help us.


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