It was thiiiiiis big…

Well aren’t I spoiling you all with two posts this week!

Today, as I crossed over the bridge to enter the Mill, I spotted one of our rangers, Tim, in the Mill Yard, who promptly raised up the giant fish in his arms and yelled “salmon!” at me.  Oddly, not the strangest way I’ve been greeted at Quarry Bank…

Tim salmon crop

Tim found the poor salmon on the banks of the Bollin. He believes that she died from exhaustion trying to swim up the weir.

However, whilst not so great news for the salmon, it is good news for us as it proves that our Fish Pass project is entirely necessary. A fish pass or fish ladder is a structure which allows fish to ascend the river when a physical obstruction, such as a weir, blocks their natural progress upstream. A fish pass must be designed to be technically suitable for the species of fish most likely to need it.

The Hydro and Fish Pass are under construction
The Hydro and Fish Pass are under construction

Our Lariner fish pass will allow salmon to swim up the River Bollin, past Quarry Bank for the first time since 1784, when Samuel Greg built his Mill.

19th Century view of the weir
Early 20th Century view of the weir by Robert Alexander Greg – can you spot the rowing boat?

It is being built in conjunction with our Hydro Pass, which will eventually produce up to 55% of our electricity. If you visit the Mill you can wander down to the weir and have a gander at the construction of both projects.

At the end of October the Water Gallery will be refreshed will brand new interpretation, which will include a video of the time-lapse photographs of the construction.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Very cool! What a great project 😀
    side note – I’ve been trying to learn Greg children’s names this eve, come test me tomorrow if you’re around (I know you hold vast Greg knowledge!), my first day volunteering **very excited** xx

    1. Nick Abbott says:

      Brilliant news much needed, saw huge amounts of fish trying to jump last year, well done to all.

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