Scarecrow Festival

For the past couple of weeks the word on everyone’s lips here at Quarry Bank has been ‘scarecrow’. We’ve all been busy making our entries for the Scarecrow Festival and in several cases this has led to a heightened atmosphere of competitiveness and secrecy, with lots of entrants determined to win ‘Best Scarecrow’ in their category.

The theme this year for our Festival is ‘Beastly’ in honour of our exhibition ‘Beastly Machines’. Originally this theme flummoxed some of our staff, volunteers and tenants of Styal Village, but they have all risen to the challenge and followed in the footsteps of artist Johnny White’s creativity and imagination and we have some truly amazing entries and a whole range of different ‘beasts’, from the magical to the ghoulish to the robotic!

Dan and Selina Goldstraw, last year's 'Traditional Winners'
Dan and Selina Goldstraw, last year’s ‘Traditional’ Winners

We have over 40 entries this year throughout the Mill Yard, Mill Meadow, Gardens and Village and our Scarecrow trail will be available to pick up for 50p from the Mill Yard complete with map and voting sheet so you can ensure your best-loved creation wins in their category.

The 'Styal-ish Drummer' another of last year's favourites!
The ‘Styal-ish Drummer’ another of last year’s favourites!

The categories this year include ‘Beastly’ which covers any entry that isn’t human or is made from recycled materials just like Johnny’s ‘Beastly Machines’ (you will spot a couple of our staff’s wedding dresses on the trail!). There is the ‘Traditional’ category which includes any entries with straw on show and finally the ‘Children’s’ category which includes entries made by children. But just in case you can’t make up your mind as to which is which we’ve colour coded the labels to help you out.

'Hen Party' one of last years 'Best Scarecrows'
‘Hen Party’ one of last years ‘Best Scarecrows’

For me, the Festival has been a true test of my sewing skills which I had to dust off fairly rapidly and I certainly didn’t imagine I would be able to play with pipe cleaners and feathers as part of my job! For the most part I think the vision I had in my head has almost matched up with reality and I’m actually a bit proud of my first ever scarecrow (I won’t tell you which one it is, I don’t to be accused of currying favour for my entry to win!)

The Scarecrow Festival will be running from Saturday 25 May to Sunday 2 June so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic creations.


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