A few thousand easter eggs

We’ve had a fun-filled (albeit exhausting!) Easter holiday here at Quarry Bank. We kicked off with Easter weekend when over 6,500 visitors (double what we were expecting) joined us to try out our special Cadbury’s trail through the Mill to earn their chocolate egg.


Cadbury’s joined us on Easter Sunday and Monday, and provided garden games, including Nestball and a hula-hooping competition – we hear somebody managed to hula hoop 136 times! Cadbury’s also painted 100s of children’s faces and I saw everything from rabbits and chicks to spiders and butterflies. The kids got creative themselves with the Cadbury’s ‘Design your own Egghead’ competition, and the winner will see their design as one of the new wrappers for Cadbury’s easter eggs in 2014.


We were slightly worried on Easter Sunday as due to the glorious sunshine and the popularity of the trail it seemed we might well run out of eggs! Fortunately Cadbury’s managed to rustle up a couple of hundred more for us and Chirk Castle in Wales very kindly donated some of theirs to help us out. Unfortunately late on Monday afternoon we did eventually run out of eggs, and had to revert to Cadbury’s chocolate bars, but our lovely visitors were thankfully sympathetic to our predicament and the children certainly didn’t mind as long as they received some form of chocolate!

Egg and Spoon 2 -

On Easter Monday I organised a few egg and spoon races and over 60 kids took part, with the winners receiving a certificate and an easter egg. The races were themed, and my favourites were ‘funny faces’ (cue 10 children pulling incredibly unusual faces) and the three-legged race where I witnessed manic shuffling and a whole lot of frantic team work!

Egg and spoon 5 -

For the rest of the holidays we’ve enjoyed the sporadic sunshine and launched our new geocache trail which allows you to explore Styal Village like never before! Our hands-on activity has been a huge hit with hundreds of nature memo-holders created in the forms of chicks, bees, caterpillars, aliens, bunnies, ladybirds, butterflies and flowers!


Next on the agenda for us is gearing up for our fabulous Victorian May Day on Monday 6th May, and installing our brand new exhibition ‘Beastly Machines’ by artist Johnny White!



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