A mysterious letter arrives…

One of the main reasons I love working here at Quarry Bank is that the element of surprise is guaranteed and all manner of weird and wonderful occurrences have been known to happen…

Recently we opened up our second-hand bookshop and one shopper got more than a good story and a bargain. Upon getting home and settling down to read their purchase, they discovered an envelope containing a 65-year-old letter from none other than treasured Hollywood star Bing Crosby!

Bing Crosby's response to a fan
Bing Crosby’s response to a fan

The letter is a response to some fan mail that Bing received from a fan in Yorkshire, in 1948.  We checked to make sure that it is authentic, and were excited to learn that it is indeed Bing’s own signature!

Bing Crosby

What I love most about this letter is the letter head containing Bing’s address: ‘Bing Crosby, Hollywood’ – no need for a full address – just get it to Hollywood!

Bing Crosby 2

The second-hand book shopper has very kindly sent the letter back to us and suggested we sell it in order to raise funds for the property. We will indeed be selling the letter to raise money for the National Trust and it will be put up on the National Trust’s eBay account shortly, I’ll post a link when it’s all been set up, so if there are any keen Bing fans out there, you’ll have the chance of getting your hands on this lovely letter.

In the meantime, pop along to our book shop if you get the chance – who knows what treasures are hidden away between those pages…


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