Unlocking Quarry Bank…

A few hundred years ago the toys of children who belonged to well-off families such as the Gregs would have included such objects as rocking horses, china dolls, train sets and sail boats. Whilst I’m sure that many children today still play with similar toys, the advent of the technological age means even three-year olds can use smart phones and tablets!

QB game

Quarry Bank’s brand new digital games combine the nostalgia of the past with today’s technology and allow you (they aren’t just for kids) to unlock the secrets of Quarry Bank. Be warned however, I’ve been playing them for about half an hour now (purely from a research point of view of course) and thought it had only been five minutes…I promise I’m not addicted…well maybe a little.

QB game2

The games are free, but you do have to score enough points in each game to unlock the next one, but if you’re impatient (like me) you can make a small donation to our appeal to progress through the games, or, as the game itself suggests, why not make a donation to celebrate? Begin by helping to transport cotton across the Bridgewater canal and work your way around Quarry Bank’s history, feeding the apprentices (my favourite) and restoring the glass houses along the way!



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