Ssspooky Science!

This weekend Quarry Bank Mill – working with the Manchester Science Festival – was turned into a mad scientist’s lab. There was a series of fun and inspiring experiments with a spooky twist as part of our Halloween celebrations, keeping hundreds of children entertained over the weekend.

Visitors found out how to create dry ice – a vital ingredient in creating many a spooky scene – saw ‘electricity’ spark out of a plasma ball when they touched it, and made screeching balloons.

A whole host of creepy creatures were brought in by Reefs Reptiles, who  introduced families to some scary critters including snakes, spiders, lizards and a stinkless skunk.

“We wanted to give families a unique Halloween experience to remember,” said Ellen Fenton, Learning and Interpretation Manager at Quarry Bank Mill.

“From the feedback we have had people really seem to have enjoyed the experience and hopefully learnt a few things as well.”

Ssspooky Science acted as the perfect opening act for the truly terrifying Spooky Tours which took place on Friday and Saturday night. Stay tuned to hear all about the scary shenanigans those who braved the Mill at night…

Laura and Andrew


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